The “WTF, How’d We Get Here, Who in the Hell Left the Gate Open” Post-Election Weekend Edition

Family, I haven’t been this happy to see the end of a week since Nevuary 11 of last year. I mean, I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to put EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling into words and all I could come up with is “I no longer have the ability to can.” Just pathetic really for someone who is rarely, if ever, at a loss for words. So, in an effort to try and share where I’ve been, please refer to the images below.

Wednesday: Did this man just become president?


Thursday: I KNOW this man is NOT president!


Friday: Damn. This man is president.


Yup. That pretty much sums it up. I want to go on a rant but I can’t. Or better yet, I won’t. Why? Well, as we’ve already established, I ain’t got no words for that right now. But beside that, ranting isn’t going to solve anything. Yeah. Throwing out a bevy of multi-syllabic cuss words can feel pret-ty good sometimes but in this case, it’s counter productive. My energy, our energy, is best served being proactive and not reactive.

*Okay. I lied. I am going to rant for a minute. One of THE most idiotic hindrances to progress is when people talk, talk, talk and yell, yell, yell but put no movement behind all of that noise until AFTER what they were talk, talk, talking, and yell, yell, yelling about comes to pass and then they get all in their feelings. Stop. Please. Just stop. Am I saying don’t be passionate? Nope. What I am saying is be passionate and DO something about it BEFORE it turns into something that nothing can be done about. Okay. Rant Over.*

Being reactive is like being a student who knows he has a paper due but, instead of doing it, waits until the last minute, gets a bad grade, and then wants to complain about it afterwards. Or better yet, it’s like being a presidential candidate who could have quelled the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, bullying behavior of his supporters but didn’t then claims it’s unfair when people protest against him. Y’all, that’s just stupid. Don’t be that. Put things in place, set things in order so if the inevitable happens you are neither surprised nor moved. In fact, do all these things so you can channel my favorite Prince meme of all time.


Keep a watchful eye, keep an open ear, keep a prayerful heart and move on behalf of those things that matter to you. For example, the President-Elect is looking at Ben “Just Call Me ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Carson to head up the Department of Education. That makes no sense on so many different levels but hell, why start making sense now? Case in point, TPE also wants to eliminate  the very department he wants Uncle Ben to be over. Have I already mentioned I am no longer able to can?  But in addition to this, he wants to limit federal reach into states and allow each one to determine what type of education is best for their students. Sounds great but if you live in a state where student achievement is low for black, brown, immigrant, rural, and low income students WITH federal involvement what exactly do you think will happen without it?  As an educator, I am duty bound to ensure these students get the best. How? That’s too much to discuss right now in the space I have left but if you know me at all, you already know I’m thinking of a master plan (Shout out to Eric B and Rakim)

Looks like I had something to say after all, huh? (Should’ve known that was gonna happen) But for real, don’t just talk about it, be about it. It’s all on you now whatchugonnado?






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